Wyoming will pay $300K to EPA-fighting ace

By Benjamin Storrow | 06/11/2024 06:38 AM EDT

The coal state is gearing up for a legal battle against Biden administration climate regulations.

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon testifies at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on Capitol Hill.

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon (R) wants to extend the life of coal plants by using carbon capture and storage systems. Francis Chung/POLITICO

Wanted: an experienced carbon rule killer.

Wyoming, America’s top coal-producing state, is trying to find an expert who can wage a legal fight against a suite of EPA pollution regulations. The request by the Wyoming Energy Authority is part of a wider attempt by the state to protect its coal industry and foreshadows a looming battle against the Biden administration’s efforts to implement emissions standards in the power sector.

The state agency released a request for proposals last week seeking bids from firms that can help the Wyoming attorney general challenge EPA’s new greenhouse gas, mercury, coal ash and wastewater discharge standards for power plants.


“They’re all troublesome when you look at what this administration is doing,” Wyoming Energy Authority Executive Director Rob Creager said in an interview. He expressed concern that the U.S. power sector would face a reliability crisis if the standards are implemented.